Is there a charge for our services?

Unlike many other websites that charge first to have access to their outdated inventory, Iconic real estate provides free services with free access to our updated inventory and Multiple Listing Services (MLS).

I would like to rent one one your listings. What is your application process?

At Iconic Real Estate we made the application process very easy. Our website www.iconicre.com has the latest technology to make the application process online on a secured data base eliminating the slow paperwork process.

Please click on the “Apply Now” button at your desired listing, fill out the online application and there is a non refundable fee of $35 per application. Every resident 18 years old and over should submit an application.

I am a buyer looking to buy a house. What can Ionic Real Estate do for me?

At Ionic Real Estate we have well experienced buyer’s agents ready to meet with you and present you with many search avenues to find your ideal property. Our user friendly website www.iconicre.com provides free listings services for you to browse and use as you please.

Our agent will make the buying process easy by negotiating on your behalf and cut through all the red tapes to meet your goals.

I am a renter with a dog. Do you provide apartments that are pet friendly?

At Ionic Real Estate we offer many pet friendly buildings that may suit your needs. Our user friendly website www.ionicre.com clearly guides you though our pet friendly buildings.

I am moving from a different city to Los Angeles. How can I make my move easier?

At Iconic Real Estate our name says it all. We have helped many corporate companies, relocation companies and prospective tenants to move to Los Angeles from cities nationally to international countries.

Our friendly staff are eager to provide you with multiple inventories and help you to find your ideal residence. All you have to do is to get the key and move in. That’s how easy we make it.

For home sellers, what services can Ionic Real Estate provide?

At Ionic Real Estate, our staff have many years of experience to guide you through the selling process. From overall presentation of your property to easing the paper work process throughout closing our staff are there every step of the way to achieve the maximum goal.

Our marketing strategies are unmatched exposing your property from local market to international level. Please contact us to experience our friendly services.

What other services Iconic Real Estate provides?

At Iconic Real Estate we are your one stop shop for all your real estate needs.

Our Leasing department offers rental services from residential condos, houses and apartments to commercial buildings. Our proven marketing strategies are unmatched providing easy search through our website www.iconicre.com. Unlike other real estates companies, we provide these services FREE of charge. We at Iconic Real Estate are one of the largest leasing companies in the Los Angeles Metropolitan.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your property our sales agents are well experienced, well connected and well committed ready to consult you to meet the best criteria.

For investors one call to our asset management department will be one of your best decision you made this fiscal year.