We are soon-to-be Topanga homeowners, thanks to Iconic Real Estate. Ashton was our guide and facilitator throughout the process. We made several visits to the property and he was not only warm and gracious but extremely thorough in walking us through the home and answering all of our questions patiently.

The paper work process was stress free. So was signing. Moving is a big decision; just pulling the trigger on buying a house can be daunting. Ashton made it easier because he was responsive and attentive and listened to our needs.

If you’re looking for a new house, be sure to visit their web site at http://www.iconicre.com

The information is substantive and the photos are helpful.

John N.Topanga CA

Iconic Real Estate is beyond awesome!

I usually don’t write reviews, but when a company pleasantly surprises me and surpasses all of my expectations, I feel the need to share my story in hopes that someone else may have the awesome experience I had.

I moved to Los Angeles from Connecticut. I only knew one person in the entire area, so the task of finding an apartment seemed daunting. Luckily, after hours of research, many dead ends, and companies who wouldn’t even return my phone calls, I found Iconic Real Estate. Iconic Real Estate promptly returned my calls, fully answered my questions, and made the process of cross-country relocation a breeze. I didn’t feel pressured into making any decisions, and Ashton, the Agent who helped me, was patient, professional, and listened to all of my needs and concerns to help me find a place that was a perfect fit for me.

Coming from a small town in Connecticut, I found out quickly that finding a place to live in a city as large as Los Angeles is anything but simple. More like, scary. Iconic Real Estate changes that. Their website is very user friendly and packed with free, daily updated listings with places all over LA. This was great for me, as I also learned many brokers seem to like to charge just to look at housing online. Once I found a place, I saw it the next day, and the rest is history. I feel like the process of finding a new place should be not just easy, but fun and exciting as well, and Iconic Real Estate proved that this is possible. I am very happy here in my new place on the west coast.

Brad S.,Los Angeles, CA

Iconic Real Estate has been so helpful! They are very much on top of emails and voicemails. Apartment hunting can be so stressful, and it really felt like Ashton was rooting for us the entire way, unlike other companies where they make you feel like you are fighting against 20 other people for an apartment and no one actually cares about you.

They were also available on both Saturdays and Sundays, which in my mind, is a HUGE plus when you don’t have time to do personal business Monday-Friday.

We haven’t signed our lease yet, but I expect that to be just as stress-free. I honestly have no fear that if I’m stressed in the mean time Ashton will have the answers to my questions.

Thank you Ashton!

Shayna S.Los Angeles, CA

5 stars! Iconic Real Estate found me an apartment in West Hollywood that’s so amazing! OMG, way better than craiglist!

Katherine B.Hollywood, CA

Iconic Real Estate was extremely helpful in negotiating the best options for us to rent a lovely apartment in Sherman Oaks. Ashton made sure we put our best foot forward and that we were prepared before reaching an agreement with the building owners. I had a mark on my rental history in my credit report which was in error, and he counseled me on steps to get it removed, and also helped us to work around that in the mean time. He replied to all of my emails and phone calls, which were more than normal since I had to make up for the error in my credit report (which I’m currently disputing.)

We avoided so much hassle by working with someone whose goal is to make sure both owner and renter get a fair deal, so there are no surprises. The most important aspect of our experience at Iconic Real Estate is the fact we got an appointment with Ashton before we had to file any paperwork or online applications. We were given all pertinent information before moving to the next required step, and it all went down in a few days. Ashton was very personable and I felt we were getting the most out of our search, which is finally over! 🙂

Mary C.Los Angeles, CA